Tape Lift-off Sample Collection Method

Items you will need:

How to sample for fine, sub-micron industrial soot material (Wildfire soot/smoke, home heating oil soot, candle, natural gas, burnt dust debris, propane, diesel, coal fly ash, wood soot) as well as standard dust particles (cellulose fibers, pollen, skin scales, mineral grains, etc.):

Step One – Prepare paper: Adhere a base layer of packing tape onto a fresh piece of paper or index card. [Important!]

Step Two – Sampling: Using a four inch strip of clear Scotch Magic Tape, lightly press (sticky side down) onto the area to be sampled, and lift off of surface to avoid smearing.  Collect a heavy load.  Collection may be done indoors or outdoors.  If possible, possible put a small courtesy tab on one end of the tape (fold the tape back onto itself). Important: Avoid contaminating the tape with finger oils or fingerprints.

If available, submit a “source control” (i.e. soot directly off of your oil burner, etc.) for comparison with the suspect sample material.

Step Three – Adhere sample(s): Stick your tape lift-off(s) onto the base layer of packing tape on the paper.

Step Four – Label & Ship: Label the samples, provide your contact information, indicate the type of analysis to be performed, and mail in envelope to:

Attn: Soot ID Analysis
MicroVision Laboratories, Inc.
187 Billerica Road
Chelmsford, MA 01824

If possible, please download our chain of custody (C.O.C), fill it out, and mail it with the sample(s).

Note: For your own records, write down the source of each of your samples.