X-Ray Imaging (Industrial)

Real time 2-dimensional X-ray imaging is an extremely powerful method for inspecting industrial samples.  This non-destructive imaging technique allows us to look through the packaging of a wide variety of samples (e.g. integrated circuits, electronic devices, medical implants, cables, etc.) and image the internal components within.  This is particularly useful for failure analysis (locating wire breaks in cables, shorts, defects, etc.), real time product analysis, quality control (comparing samples to CAD drawing or each other) and R&D (examining the internal architecture of a competitor’s product, verifying manufacturing steps and new vendors). 

Our cabinet system has a motorized stage that can receive and manipulate large samples (e.g. ~20 in. by 20 in., ~3 ft. by 8 in.) in the X and Y axes.  Smaller samples can also be tilted and rotated on axis allowing for live adjustments of the sample until the desired view is shown.  When fully zoomed out images can be taken covering an area on the sample of ~ 2 inches wide by 2 inches.  When fully zoomed in 15um bond wires can easily be resolved. 


  • Nondestructive analysis
  • Defects can be quickly located and documented without difficult and time consuming package removal
  • Real-time viewing of the sample
  • Product screening to detect contamination or foreign materials (FOD)
  • High-resolution imaging
  • Multiple software imaging options such as pseudo colored images

Application Fields: