Unknown Material Identification

Often materials are recovered from environmental sampling sites, manufacturing facilities, or inside buildings that are of unknown composition.  Identification using conventional environmental or product testing methods can be difficult due to the unknown nature of a sample.  MicroVision Labs has developed a number of individual tests designed to classify unknown materials, which combined with our extensive suite of equipment, allows us to perform follow-up testing to obtain positive identification of any materials you may encounter. 


  • Identification of a wide range of materials, including solids, liquids, powders, and multi-phase samples
  • Multiple analytical techniques are selectively used to identify unknowns
  • Mixtures can be chemically or mechanically separated in order to gain additional insight into the sample composition
  • Determination of the overall composition giving direction to further quantitative chemical testing
  • Standards provide insight into mixing, alterations, or infiltrations of unknowns in a mixed sample

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