Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)

SEM is a powerful surface microscopy method which allows for high resolution images to be obtained on a wide range of samples.  A focused beam of electrons sweeps across a sample surface and an image is created from the scattered electrons.  The electron beam allows for the accurate imaging of features below the resolution limit of visible light.  The acquired pictures retain good depth of field, resulting in excellent three-dimensional images.  Variations in beam parameters can be made in order to highlight variations in density in the target sample, show extremely fine surface features, and illustrate texture in sample surface coatings.  MicroVision Labs has multiple fully-operational SEMs, Bruker X-Flash EDS detectors and mapping technology, backscatter electron (BSE) imaging, and large chamber capabilities.  These provide a full suite of microscopy services for all of your analytical needs. 


  • Extremely high magnifications possible (750,000x+)
  • Fine resolution of small features (5-6 nm resolution)
  • Low magnification overview of large objects possible (10mm+)
  • Gradations visible in even similar material layers possible at low acceleration voltage
  • Preparation and examination of a wide range of materials
  • Detection of materials of varying density possible with BSE imaging

Application Fields: