Polished Cross Sections

Many manufactured materials, as simple as laminated wood surfaces or as intricate as an integrated circuit package, will require custom preparation in order to analyze a sample.  Cross sectioning allows for the preparation of a sample in order to expose specific features for analysis.  MicroVision Labs can prepare a wide variety of materials with precision cross sectioning and polishing services in order to allow these features to be presented. Materials can be mounted and embedded in a variety of epoxies and polymer compounds in order to stabilize and enforce materials.  Materials can then be sectioned with a diamond saw or microtome, and polished in order to smooth any cutting artifacts.  Precise depths of sectioning can be maintained, in order to highlight specific areas of interest.


  • Specific areas in electronic package devices can be sectioned and examined
  • Thicknesses and homogeneity of layers can be illustrated quickly
  • Alloys and interior grain structure in metallic samples can be documented with etches and preferential dyes
  • Multi-layer printing and coating samples can be examined to check for bonding and lamination continuity
  • Polymers can be sectioned and polished in order to determine interior consistency in formation
  • Packaged devices are sectioned at key points to document mechanical or wire bonds and perform detailed failure analysis

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