Lead Paint Analysis

Elevated levels of lead in soil samples are cause for concern and often require further examination or remediation.  Knowing the origin of the lead is vital in directing further investigation.  MicroVision Labs uses a series of analytical techniques in order to determine if lead is present in a sample and whether it is due to lead paint or other pigmented particles.  The analytical method, designed by MicroVision Laboratories president, John Knowles, allows for a conclusive and defensible analysis, reporting if lead paint is the source of lead in the sample.  Knowing the origin of the lead is vital in directing further investigation, and may result in exemption as outlined in the Massachusetts Contingency Plan.


  • Individual flakes, chips or grains of lead paint can be directly isolated and analyzed
  • Particles can be retained, due to the non-destructive nature of the testing allowing for documentation and comparison
  • Lead and other pigment grains are documented in isolated building debris and paint particles
  • Multiple analytical techniques confirm the presence of lead and relative loading in the sample
  • Particles with multiple layers can be documented to determine which of the layers contain lead

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