Other Services

MT_PCS Polished Cross Sections
This sample preparation technique embeds the sample in epoxy, cuts through an area of interest and polishes that surface to a mirror finish so that the cross section can be examined by light microscopy or SEM. Useful in examining and measuring layered samples, looking for voids as well as many other FA applications.

MT_UKID Unknown Materials ID
Useful when you have a solid, liquid, gel, powder, fiber, or multiphase material of unknown origin that needs to be identified. By using a combination of microscopy techniques and in-house methods we are able to categorize your sample if not identify it specifically. Let us take the “un” out of your unknown.

Cathodoluminescence picture Additional Services
Here is a list of a number of other services we provide and a brief description of each. Our capabilities here at MicroVision Labs are constantly expanding to keep up with our customers needs. If you can’t find what you need on this page, or else where on our site, please give us a call.