Offering a variety of analytical microscopy and testing services.


MicroVision Laboratories, Inc. has been providing extensive expertise in micro-analytical techniques (FE-SEM, SEM, EDS, XRF, FTIR testing, PLM, X-Ray Imaging, DIC) and sample preparation since 2003.  Our cutting edge, high-performance equipment combined with our solutions-focused customer service provide critical solutions for clients hailing from a broad range of industries ranging from medical to semiconductor, and from environmental to textile.


X-Ray Imaging (Industrial)

PDF Real time 2-dimensional X-ray imaging is an extremely powerful method for inspecting industrial samples.  This non-destructive imaging technique allows us to look through the

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Wildfire Dust Analysis

PDF Wildfires, which are a problem in many locations, can cause various forms of damage; from direct burning to soot contamination and reduced air quality. 

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Coal Ash Analysis

PDF This analysis uses a combination of analytical microscopy techniques to definitively determine if coal, coal ash, wood ash, asphalt, tar, and fly ash are

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Case Studies


MicroVision Labs - Top Analytical Services Company 2020 AwardMicroVision Labs has made Pharma Tech Outlook’s 2020 Top Analytical Services Companies list! We are proud to have made this annual listing that picks 10 companies that are at the forefront of providing analytical services and transforming businesses.  Read the full article here.