Particle Size Analysis

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Particle Size Analysis (PSA):
The sizing of manufactured or naturally occurring materials is a useful tool which can isolate materials of a particular size, or confirm that particles are being created in a desired distribution. The perimeter, shape, and aggregation patterning of particles are often of special interest. Photometric particle size analysis performed by MicroVision Labs provides basics such as size distribution, max and min, and standard deviation, but also more complex information, such as aggregation, surface morphology, shapes and volumes. Depending on the sample and the medium it is in images will be taken of the particles/pores/etc. that need to be sized by one of several light microscopy techniques or by SEM. Many of our clients have commented on the value of actually being able to see the particles that we sized as well as receiving the statistical data in our PSA reports.

PSA image of Lead Spheres, 1KX_BAN Advantages:
  • Large sample sizes give mean, average, maximum, minimum and the standard deviation of particle sizes
  • Area and volume of measured particles can be calculated with a wide range of methodologies
  • Concentrations in solutions or air, total weight, or deposited mass patterns can all be calculated
  • Shape and aggregation patterns are clearly represented with images
  • Detailed tabulated statistical analysis of the examined particles, distribution histograms, and images of the particles presented are included in every report

Application Fields:
  • Manufacturing Technologies
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Air Quality
  • Industrial Hygiene
  • Process Control
  • Paint/Ink Printing Technologies
  • Filtration Processing
  • Semi-conductor Industries

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