Printing Materials Analysis

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Filler in Office Paper, 3700X SEM image, aPrinting & Paper Applications: Printing and Coating are complicated manufacturing processes. There are multiple systems and chemicals involved. Finding the right combination of materials and applications is critical to success. When things go wrong we can assist with forensic analysis of foreign materials or contaminates. We can also assist with making sure the process is functioning properly for example; is the correct film thickness of coating being applied to the pharmaceutical blister package? Is the ink dry underneath the coating? Is the debris on your tape pull paper coating or the sign of something more ominous? From onsite evaluation and direction, to long term process research and development, to quantitative and qualitative tracking of materials, we have the tools and experience to meet a vast array of needs.

With the recent addition of Jeff Jacques to our staff, who has 20 years of experience and knowledge of printing systems, MicroVision Labs is able to offer an expanded suite of offerings to people within the printing and printing consumables industries. MicroVision Labs has the capability to do extensive analysis of printing complaints, from coating thickness cross sectioning for packaging industries to elemental mapping and compositional identification of materials.

Services Offered:flag in
  • Microscopic examination of finished products
  • Composition analysis (Chemical, composite materials, coatings)
  • Contaminant Identification and Sourcing
  • Defect Examination/Prevention and Analysis
  • Process tuning/validation through sample comparison
  • Analysis of finished products with formulary variation
  • Support for design of novel methods/prototyping.
  • Onsite support for evaluation and collection of samples.

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